Patti Wolfe throws her hat into the ring for Loganville City Council

Patti Wolfe announced that she has qualified to run for Loganville City Council.

Wolfe joins seven other candidates who have signed on the dotted line and paid the qualifying fee to campaign for a chance to represent the citizens of Loganville on the City Council. The three top vote-getters will get that opportunity come November. City Councilman Bill DuVall is the only current council member who has qualified to run for reelection. Councilwoman Linda Dodd and Councilman Jay Boland have both announced that they will not be seeking another term.

Patti Wolfe

However, former councilwoman Lisa Newberry, who chose not to run last time her term was up due to personal reasons, has qualified and will be one of the eight on the ballot in November.

Wolfe made her announcement initially on social media, noting that “since this is my ‘home,’ it is only natural to let my fellow citizens know first.”

She went on to bullet-point her belief system in characteristics she deems important to an elected official. 

  • I believe in being HONEST with the citizens.  I will share with you the good, bad and ugly. 
  • I believe in TRANSPARENCY. I will continue to do extensive research, ask the hard questions, get the truth then share with you 
  • I believe in INTEGRITY.  My moral compass and upbringing demand nothing less of me.     
  • I believe in LISTENING to the citizens and making decisions in your best interest.  If I don’t care what you think, you won’t care what I think. 
  • I believe that CHARACTER counts in Loganville. I will always try to conduct myself in a manner that brings respect to the city we love. 

Wolfe shared more of her background on her Facebook page, noting that she is a retired public servant having served with the Treasury Department for 36 years.

“I investigated people, places & things where I obtained my expertise in researching for facts and truth. Worked with individuals from all walks of life, Corporate Execs., Attorneys, CPA’s on a regular basis. I am well versed in dealing with ALL people. I have testified in Court on major fraud cases, including a few politicians (LOL). I have an accounting degree that I obtained while working full time going to night school…what a difficult journey that was,” she said.

Wolfe also noted on social media how she sees Loganville’s future and what she believes she can do to help keep it on the right path.

“I believe in controlled growth, with as much organic growth as possible. I believe in utilizing our beautiful buildings whenever possible, instead of tearing them down. Our history must be preserved for future generations. Before any development begins I believe architectural standards should be written in detail and Ordinances put in place. I personally want to visit successful cities and gain knowledge of their DT developments, speak to their officials, so I can ascertain the good, bad & ugly from their expertise BEFORE we pay money to (any other) firms. I believe we can not redesign a city when we do not know what we want,” Wolfe said.

You can click or tap on this link for more information on Wolfe and her campaign for a seat on Loganville’s City Council.

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