Referendum on package store for City of Social Circle on Nov. 7 ballot

Social Circle residents do not just get to choose a city council member, a school board chairman and a couple of school board members in the 2023 municipal elections. They also get to decide whether or not they want a package store in the city limits.

On the ballot to be voted on by Nov. 7, is a Referendum on Package Sales in the City of Social Circle. The referendum reads, “Shall the governing authority of the City of Social Circle, George be authorized to issue licenses for the package sale of distilled spirits within the city limits of the City of Social Circle?”

Social Circle Mayor David Keener said there is no specific applicant for the license, but it was requested by a local business in February of this year.

“No promises were made to the requesting business. Council subsequently adopted regulations in the Uniform Design Code that would govern zoning of a package store should one ever come. Further ordinance work in the Alcohol Ordinance regarding licensing regulations will be considered if the referendum passes,” Keener said. “Authorization for a referendum passed unanimously by a vote of 3-0 at the July Council Meeting. (Councilman) Nathan Boyd was absent.”

There have been a couple of attempts to get a package store on the ballot in the City of Monroe, one by way of a petition in 2020 and another at the end of last year by way of a vote. Neither was successful. The COVID pandemic shut down the petition drive in 2020 and the one at the December 2022 Monroe City Council died for lack of a motion to call for a vote.

If the Social Circle voters approve the referendum next month, Social Circle could join the cities of Loganville and Walnut Grove in allowing for a package store in their city limits.

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