Construction on Youth Jersey roundabout set to begin summer 2017

Walton County Public Works announced on social media last week that construction will tentatively begin in June/July of 2017 of a roundabout at Youth Jersey, Robertson and Broadnax Mill Road in the Loganville area of the county.

Walton County Public Works

The Georgia Department of Transportation has noted that roundabouts will be considered in the future as an alternative for all intersections that are being reconstructed, including anywhere that a traffic signal is being proposed. There are currently two other roundabouts planned for Walton County, including the one currently under construction at Bold Springs Road and Highway 81 and another at the entrance to the City of Monroe on the proposed overpass. There is also one already in Walnut Grove.

Georgia DOT noted that the modern roundabout is a “type of circular intersection defined by the basic operational principle of entering traffic yielding to vehicles on the circulatory roadway,” and that the geometric features provide a reduced speed environment with safety benefits.


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