Sawyer Farms neighborhood wins C.O.P.S. Master Community of the Year

Press release from Gwinnett County Police Department

Sawyer Farms wins C.O.P.S. Master Community of the Year. Contributed photo

(Grayson, Ga., October 30, 2020) – The Gwinnett County Police Department Crime Prevention Unit’s mission is two-fold: to promote citizen participation in the reduction and prevention of crime through education and active support as well as to provide educational and safety related programs based on community needs.  The C.O.P.S. program accomplishes this by providing direct communication between participating neighborhoods and their assigned officer.  The Master Community of the Year is awarded each year to the C.O.P.S. community that exemplifies the active participation and communication the best and is determined by each crime prevention officer.

This year the Sawyer Farms C.O.P.S. community, led by Mark Tapp, exemplified exactly what the C.O.P.S. program is designed for.  Mark, along with his block captains, were active in several community meetings, kept constant contact with their crime prevention officer, Corporal Rundles, and tackled any issues brought forward by the community together.  Sawyer Farms disseminates all information provided to them in a timely and thorough manner, holds regular meetings with above average participation, and is constantly looking for ways to further their community participation. 

Congratulations to the Sawyer Farms C.O.P.S. community for being awarded the 2020 Bay Creek Precinct Master Community of the Year.

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