Scam Alert: Loganville resident warns of job posting scams on the Walton County jobs Facebook page

A local resident wants to alert others in the area to a series of scams making the rounds on the Facebook Jobs posting page for Walton County. Loganville resident Linda Duncan Brown recently applied to two “personal assistant” positions that were posted on the page.

“Each time I was contacted by people almost immediately asking me to send them a pic of my drivers license, and social security card to ‘verify me.’ They want to use to ‘verify’ that I am eligible to work,” Brown said. “ is used to verify an individual’s online identity for shopping, etc. I used for my brother to apply for VA benefits online.”

Brown is asking that we warn readers not to fall for these scams.

“They are offering $500-$600 per week and say you can even work from home,” Brown said. “If you search ‘jobs on Facebook’ in the Facebook search bar, or ‘jobs hiring in Loganville, I found the listing by following an ad that appeared on my FB page.”

The personal assistant ads are gone today. But I have seen one on there many times. It is for a “realtor” Deionte Jones. And another for “realtor” Sam Brossoi.

Brown said there are sometimes ones that even go as high as advertising $1,500 a week.

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