Social Circle City Schools is hiring

Social Circle City Schools has several current job postings, including the ones listed below. To get information on all open positions with Social Circle City Schools and to file an online application, click or tap on this link.

Editor’s Note: These job postings were found on the Social Circle City Schools employment webpage. Please note they could be removed at any time due to a position being filled.

Payroll & Personnel OfficerJobID: 398  Position Type:

CTAE Web DesignJobID: 1425  Location:
  Social Circle High School

Math InterventionistJobID: 1412 Position Type:
  Middle School Teaching/Mathematics Location:
  Social Circle Middle School

School Food Service AssistantJobID: 368 Position Type:
  Other Classified Support Person

Aftercare AssistantJobID: 1424 Position Type:
  Other Classified Support Person/After Care Assistant Location:
  Social Circle Primary/Elementary Schools

Substitute Clinic WorkerJobID: 265 Position Type:
  Other Classified Support Person/Clinic Worker

SPED ParaprofessionalJobID: 394 Position Type:

ParaprofessionalJobID: 1422 Paraprofessional
Social Circle Middle School

SPED TeacherJobID: 1423 Location:
  Social Circle Primary School

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