Sometimes it is an inspiring teacher who makes that difference in a child’s life

As we approach Mother’s Day, and the end of another school year, it is a good time to focus on the difference that both a mother, and a teacher, can make in the life of a child. Leon Prather, of Monroe, is married to a teacher who he believes encompasses both these functions.

“She has worked so tirelessly day and night at schools and at our home. She truly wants to not only be a difference but also make one. She’s in her 23rd year teaching,” he said. “The last 19 in Walton County Schools.

He is very proud of his wife for her contribution, not only to their two children growing up, but also for her contributions to the children in Walton County – and he’s not the only one.

Michelle Prather, now a fourth and fifth-grade teacher at Bay Creek Elementary School, was also recently a teacher at Harmony Elementary School in Monroe where she taught a student in both second and third grade. Now in fifth-grade, that student has not forgotten.

When asked to write on an awesome and inspiring teacher, it was Mrs. Prather and her impact on her young life that she chose to write about.

The project below is her tribute to Mrs. Prather, the teacher who she considers that “awesome and inspiring teacher.”

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