Speed limits lowered on stretch of McDaniel and Alcovy streets

The Monroe City Council voted Tuesday to lower the speed limit on McDaniel and Alcovy Streets from 45 mph to 35 mph on all stretches of those roads between downtown Monroe to the city limits. On McDaniel Street, that was the stretch between Breedlove Drive and Michael Etchison Road and on Alcovy Street it was from Criswell Road to the halfway point between Oakland Ridge Road and Country Club Drive. The sections of the roads from downtown to the starting points were already 35 mph but the speed went up to 45 mph after Breedlove Drive and Criswell Road respectively.

The recommendations were made after a traffic Study by Teck & Wood, Inc. established that with the speed posted at 45 mph on these stretches of McDaniel and Alcovy streets respectively, the average speed of vehicles traveling on those roads was actually 54 and 53 mph respectively. Lowering the speed limit reportedly makes the roads, all the way out to the city limits, safer.

It also opens up the additional stretches on those roads to allow for the use of golf carts. In order for anybody to drive a golf cart within the Monroe City limits, the speed limit has to be a maximum of 35 mph.

Click or tap on this link of the map of the city limits to see what parts of Alcovy and McDaniel Street speed limits will be lowered to 35 mph.

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