Students at all University System of Georgia campuses to complete semester online

In order to continue to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on campuses and communities, students enrolled in all of the 26 institutions of the University Systems of Georgia will complete all their remaining courses online. This instruction was given by the USG on Monday. At this time, students may not return to the campus to retrieve their belongings. Plans will be made to allow that to be done under a social distancing procedure that will be given once it is devised.This action comes after last week’s decision by USG to suspend instruction for two weeks to ensure business and instructional continuity. Students were advised that residence halls will be closed, except for students unable to return home, or who cannot find housing elsewhere and efforts will be made to accommodate those students who are not able to leave their campus.USG said guidance will be given to campuses on how to process refunds for housing, dining, and other services. Institutions will remain open, with minimal staff on-site, to ensure continuity of certain services.

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