Update on four-way stop at Intersection of Alcovy, Breedlove and Shamrock


Monroe City Administrator said that earlier this year, the MonroeCity Council approved this four-way stop change at the intersection of Alcovy Street, Breedlove Drive and Shamrock Drive as part of several intersection changes city-wide to be proactive for the pressures of growth and traffic.

“This particular one has been the sight of several accidents over the past two years (a few just recently too). Additionally, line of sight problems due to the angle and vegetation outside of the right-of-way when looking right from Breedlove and left-turn stacking issues from Breedlove to Alcovy (particularly P.M. turns) were shown to be of poor level of service when our engineers reviewed it,” Propes said. “Also, several hundred new homes are being built or will be built on or just off of Alcovy St./Monroe-Jersey Rd and the traffic impacts of having only a two-way stop at the intersection will only become worse.”

Propes said ultimately a roundabout may likely be the best long-term solution at this intersection to help with traffic flow, but that is only under review at this time.

“I hope to have more information on that study in a few months,” Propes said.

This 126 home complex is planned for development on the property on Alcovy Street close to that intersection that was purchased from the American Legion.

Initial Story

The City of Monroe is advising motorists that on Monday, Sept. 23, 2019, the intersection at Alcovy Street, Breedlove Drive, and Shamrock Drive will become a four-way-stop intersection. New red flashing lights will be installed along with additional signage warning that the change is coming. Motorists are advised to use caution at this intersection as everyone gets used the new format.

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