Update from Walton County Animal Control on fate of two stray sheep


Bill Wise, director of Walton County Animal Control, gave the following update on the fate of two stray sheep that had been seen wandering around Walton County since Thursday last week.

Animal Control was first contacted on Thursday evening, April 25, about two stray sheep on Highway 78. Upon arrival, one sheep had been hit by a car and was unfortunately too seriously injured to be saved. The second sheep had ran off. Animal Control received multiple calls Friday and through the weekend with the same result: it could not be located or kept running off too great a distance to be caught. After receiving word Monday morning, April 29, that it was contained in a retention pond area in Loganville, Animal Control officers were on the way to impound the sheep and transfer it to one of two livestock sanctuaries willing to receive it when it was reported deceased on Highway 81. An officer confirmed the sheep was no longer contained in the retention pond, found the deceased sheep along the roadway and picked it up for disposal. Animal Control was not provided any information of a potential owner.


It has been reported this morning that the sheep got out and did not survive the night. It is now dead – appears it was likely hit by a car.

Initial story:

If you are missing a sheep, the Loganville Police Department knows where you can find it.

Stray sheep in Loganville. Contributed photo

“Right now it is contained in the fenced-in area of the retention pond behind the Kroger in Loganville,” said Lt. Terry Haymore with LPD. “We are trying to locate the owner, but in the morning we will be contacting Walton County Animal Control to see if they can get whoever they contract with for larger animals to try and come out and get it.”

In the meantime, there is a group of animal advocates trying to coax the animal, with little success at the moment. It is reportedly very nervous and skittish. There is a plan to try again tomorrow. If you are or know who the owner is, you are asked to contact the LPD through the 911 center.

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