Update: Second dog involved in attack located, euthanized with owners permission


The second dog involved in the attack has been located and euthanized, according to Bill Wise, director of Walton County Animal Control.

“The second Rottweiler involved in the attack was brought to the shelter yesterday afternoon. The owner surrendered it for euthanasia last night,” Wise said.


The owner of the two dogs involved in the attack on a 52-year-old Monroe man has been charged by Walton County Animal Control, according to Monroe Public Safety Director Keith Glass. The police report obtained on Monday notes that only one of the dogs was found deceased – the other dog was not located. Both were reported to be Rottweilers.

“Unless something happened overnight, the other dog had not been located as of yesterday afternoon,” said Bill Wise, director ofWalton County Animal Control. “According to the Animal Control report, a thermal sensor was used by Monroe Police after the incident but came up with nothing. We have received no reports of a Rottweiler running loose in the area since the incident. The owner indicated yesterday that the other had not come home.”

Wise said officers patrolled the area looking for the dog again Monday without any luck so it is possible that the second dog is also deceased somewhere. He said the owner, Walter Clark, of Marable Lane, Monroe, went to the shelter on Monday looking for his two lost Rottweilers.

“Before giving him knowledge of the incident, he accurately described the deceased Rottweiler that was retrieved at the scene. He was then told about the incident and was cited with two counts of animal at large (section 10-3), two counts of no proof of rabies vaccinations (section 10-15b) and two counts of public nuisance (section 10-8),” Wise said.

Initial breaking story

An off duty Social Circle police officer was able to rescue a Monroe man who was being attacked by two large dogs by shooting both of them.

According to Lt. Tracy Hanson with Monroe Police Department, the attack took place at about 5:32 a.m. on Saturday. Police were called to an area of E. Marable Street and Gatewood Drive in reference to someone being attacked by the dogs.

“An off-duty Officer from Social Circle PD observed the incident as he was passing by, and was able to stop the attack by shooting both dogs,” Hanson said. “The victim, Mr. Tommy Joe Byrd (52 YOA) suffered severe lacerations to his head, arm and leg. He was transported to (Piedmont) Athens Regional Hospital where he is currently being treated for his injuries.”

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