Walton Cold Case: 1988 murder of Elbert Starkes

From the Walton Tribune

Each month as part of The Tribune’s public records section the newspaper will be working with the Walton County Sheriff’s Office to report on unsolved cases. This case remains unsolved

On Feb 2, 1988, the Monroe Police Department responded to a 911 call regarding a possible homicide at 429 N. Broad Street in Monroe. This residence was the home of Elbert Starkes. A neighbor of Starkes had entered Starkes’ residence and found Starkes lying on the floor of his bedroom, deceased from an apparent gunshot wound. Starkes’ son was present in the residence and told officers that he had witnessed an unknown black male shoot his father after which the suspect fled.

The MPD immediately initiated an active homicide investigation, calling in the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for assistance. Subsequent investigation determined that a significant amount of Starkes’ personal belongings were missing, including a .357 calibre revolver.

A number of positive leads were immediately developed and acted upon without positive results. After several months, the case went “cold,” remaining so to the present. Recently, information was developed
that a resident of Monroe known on the street as “Gator” may have information of value to the investigation.

Anyone with knowledge of this homicide or the identity of “Gator” is asked to contact Walton County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Michael Rising at 770-266-1558 and leave a message or email michael.rising@co.walton.ga.us.

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