Walton County BOC July 2020 meeting to be via teleconference

The Walton County Board of Commissioners will have its July 2020 monthly meeting via teleconference in accordance with the COVID-19 Emergency Operations Plan. The meeting will take place at 6 p.m. Tuesday, July 7, 2020. The full agenda follows.cour

1.01 3 Minute Limit
2. Meeting Opening
2.01 Pledge of Allegiance & Invocation
2.02 Call to Order
2.03 Roll Call
3. Adoption of Agenda
3.01 Additions/Deletions
4. Unfinished Business
4.01 Decision on Planning Commission recommendation to approve with condition Z20030016 – Rezone .90 acres from B2 to B3 for major automotive repair – Applicant: Keaton Lester/Owner: KNB Tire and Automotive LLC – Willow Springs Church Road – Map/Parcel C1580075J00 – District 4
5. Planning Commission Recommendations
5.01 Approval with conditions of Z20040009– Rezone 5.38 acres from R1 to A1 to allow a 2400 sq. ft. accessory building for personal use (no business) – Applicant/Owner: Ion Pana – on 1155 Gene Bell Rd-Map/Parcel C1660064B00 – District 5
5.02 Approval of CU20040011 – Conditional Use for Guest House – Applicant: Don Gomes/Owners: Brian & Jennifer Robertson – 2318 Dry Pond Road – Map/Parcel C1200047B00 – District 5
5.03 Approval of Z20050003 – Rezone 9.30 acres from A1 to A to allow growing and selling of vegetables for market – Applicant/Owner: James H. Fuller – 1609 Vasco Adcock Road – Map/Parcel C1660223D00 – District 6
5.04 Approval of CU20050005– Conditional Use for 1,152 sq ft Guest House & to live in guest house until primary house is built – Applicants/Owners: George & Kelly Malcom – 4142 Pannell Road – Map/Parcel C1840041 – District 4
5.05 Approval of Z20050006– Rezone 1.29 acres from I1 to A for commercial agriculture uses – Applicant: Walton County/Owner: Steve Astrin – 3941 Ebenezer Church Road – Map/Parcel C1840049 – District 4
6. Ordinance
6.01 Amending Article II of the Code of Walton County so as to Modify Walton County’s Development Impact Fee Ordinance and to Modify the Applicable Development Impact Fees and to Provide for Related Matters (First Reading)
7. Administrative Consent Agenda
7.01 Monthly Financial Matters, Contracts & Approval of Meeting Minutes
8. Human Resources
8.01 Staff Addition – Systems Administrator – IT
8.02 Appointment of Planning & Development Director
9. Resolutions
9.01 Spending Resolution – August 2020
9.02 Authorizing the Entering into of a New Lease-Purchase Agreement to Refinance an Existing Lease-Purchase Agreement Entered Into with Motorola Solutions in 2017, Regarding the Financing of Certain Equipment for the County, in order to Effect a Cost Savings
9.03 Authorizing the Imposition of a One Percent Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales and Use Tax and the Approval of a Related Intergovernmental Agreement with the Municipalities and Related Matters
9.04 Adoption of Capital Improvements Element Amendment – Impact Fee Program
10. Announcements
10.01 August 4, 2020 – Regular Monthly Meeting – 6:00 p.m.

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