Walton County Detention Center back on the Agenda for BOC meeting Sept. 7

The Walton County Board of Commissioners will have its regular September 2021 meeting at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2021 at the Historic Walton County Courthouse located at 111 South Broad Street in Monroe. After a contentions public hearing on Sept. 2, which can be viewed below, the item has been put on the agenda for “discussion and possible action.”

Many listening to the meeting on social media live last week noted that they believed that it was just a formality and there were probably enough votes on the BOC to approve the second location suggested. This was Baker Street, another residential neighborhood that also has easy access to the courts in the Walton County Government Building on Hammond Street. At the end of the meeting, Commissioner Lee Bradford had asked whether the funding might be better utilized by addressing the issues that resulted in the overcrowding of the jail, such as more district attorneys and judges to ensure a quicker process through the court system. Much of the overcrowding is having to keep suspects in the county jail for an extended period of time pending a court date.

The whole meeting, as well as public comment ,can be viewed at this link.

There also is a discussion with Major Wade Harris, commander of the Walton County Detention Center, on the problems facing the jail currently. Listen to the podcast at this link.

A feasibility study on the jail and timeline of events leading up to the current situation can be found on the Walton County website at this link.

The full agenda for Tuesday’s meeting follows. Public comment has been put back to the start of the meeting on the agenda.

1. PUBLIC COMMENT/PRESENTATIONS | 3 Minute Limit Per Speaker. To speak at the
meeting please follow the instructions outlined at the end of this Agenda.

2.1. Pledge of Allegiance & Invocation
2.2. Call to Order
2.3. Roll Call

3.1. Additions/Deletions

4.1. Denial of Z21060020 – Rezone 2.00 acres from I1 to M2 for salvage operation yard, junk
yard, recyclable material wholesale yard and Variance to waive acreage requirement –
Applicant: Godlove Fomuteh/Owner: Bryan & Godlove Fomuteh and Goma Discount Tires –
Property located at 873 Adamson Dr/Map/Parcel C1350019J00 – District 5
4.2. Approval with Conditions Z21070002 – Rezone 6.73 acres from A1 to M2 for wood product
manufacturing – Applicant: Francisco Gomez/Owner: Jeffrey Kurt Billingsley – Property
located at GA Hwy 20/Map/Parcel C0070015 – District 2
Condition – Approved with condition to allow for this use only
4.3. Approval with Conditions Z21070003 – Rezone 17.35 acres from A1 to A for a small-scale
solar farm and office – Applicants/Owners: William H Moyers III & Mark Faircloth –
Property located at 7973 & 7975 Hwy. 81/Map/Parcels C0700051 & 52 and N071A036 –
District 5
Conditions – 1. Approval with condition of 1. 8’ opaque fence around panels – 2. Office
building to match residential appearance – 3. Wooded buffer along North Highway 81 except
at driveway and East property line

5.1. Annexation – City of Loganville – 4430 Tuck Road
5.2. Acceptance of Right of Way – .886 Acre on Horseshoe Road

6. ADMINISTRATIVE CONSENT AGENDA | All items listed below are voted on by the board in
one motion unless otherwise specified by the Board
6.1. Approval of August 3, 2021 Meeting Minutes
6.2. Contracts & Budgeted Purchases of $5000 or Greater
6.3. Declaration of Surplus Property
6.4. Contract Renewal – WC Sheriff’s Office – Loganville Christian Academy
6.5. Ratification of actions taken by WCWSA on 8/11/2021
6.6. Acceptance of Grant – WCHCF – Exercise Equipment – SW Community Center
6.7. 2022 Holiday Schedule

7.1. Resolution – FY22 Budget Amendment
7.2. Resolution – Project Length Budget – SPLOST IV Resurfacing

8.1. Contract/Resolution – GDOT Roundabout Lighting Assistance SR81 & Ozora Ch. Rd.

9. Appointments
9.1. Reappointments – DFCS Board – Request to reappoint Nancy Curry and Darren Vinson to
serve another 5-year term

9.2. Appointment – DFCS Board – Request to appoint Eric Rubio to 5-year term

10.1. Discussion and possible action regarding Healthcare Broker – Insurance Office of America
10.2. Discussion and possible action regarding Walton Co. Public Safety Complex


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