Walton County is asking the community to weigh in on transportation issues

Walton County Comprehensive Transportation Plan Initiated

Monroe, Georgia— Every five years or so, counties across the Atlanta region undergo a planning process to address transportation in their communities. This year, Walton County will participate in completing a Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) and is asking the community to weigh in.

If you have an opinion, you can go www.waltonctp.com and click on the link in the header to weigh in on where you see transportation issues.

The intersection of West Spring Street and Martin Luther King Blvd. (SR 138) in Monroe, Ga. Photo credit: Sharon Swanepoel for Walton Living Magazine.

According to a press release from Walton County Board of Commissioners, a CTP represents a community’s “long-term vision for how the local transportation network should evolve to serve residents and employers in a growing region. The CTP includes multiple modes of transportation, meaning that it will focus on roadways, intersections, freight travel, pedestrian facilities (sidewalks and trails), bicycle facilities, and public transportation. Attention to each of these transportation modes allows us to better provide for a broad range of transportation choices. The CTP assesses the condition of the entire transportation network and serves as the framework for transportation planning efforts at the local and regional scale. By participating in this Atlanta Regional Commission effort, projects identified through the CTP process may be eligible for state or federal funding.”

Walton County and its cities is looking to identify “strategic infrastructure investments to ensure connectivity and better manage demand, support economic development, minimize environmental impacts, maximize safety, and support a high quality of life for residents.”

This will enable Walton County to work on this update to the CTP to establish a future vision that accurately reflect the views and wishes of the people who live, work, and spend time in the community.

Click or tap www.waltonctp.com and click on the link in the header to give your views.

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