Walton County’s new flag continues its tour to its final destination

Tuesday night, the new Walton County flag will reach its final destination and, amid a lot of fanfare, will be hoisted above the historic Walton County courthouse, where it will remain.

Since the beginning of its journey at the state capital a week ago, the flag has travelled around Walton County with overnight stops in each of the County’s cities. By runners, on horseback, by tractor, fire truck, army vehicle and by train, nothing has stopped its progress – not even the rain. It has received the respect of everyone who has handled it and the deference deserving of a worthy symbol of Walton County’s 200 year progress to 2018. (Click or tap on this link for the start of the journey and on this link for the second and third leg of the journey. It finished up the in Monroe Tuesday and flew above City Hall from just before noon.

Tonight’s final ceremony is the official kickoff to the year-long celebrations honoring Walton County’s 200 years of existence. This will culminate in a birthday celebration at the historic courthouse on Dec. 15, 2018 – 200 years after it all began.

(Photographs courtesy of Diane Baggett from Walton County and Sharon Swanepoel)

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