Warrants out on suspect who fled from traffic stop and two crashes in Loganville Thursday night

The police presence on Thursday night along Highway 78 was the result of an incident that initially started as a traffic stop near the Publix Shopping center, according to City of Loganville spokesman Robbie Schwartz.

“The suspect ended up fleeing westbound on Highway 78 and a brief chase ensued. The pursuit was called off but shortly afterward, the suspect apparently returned to Loganville and reportedly struck a car at the intersection of Highway 78 and Main Street / Conyers Road and left the scene,” Schwartz said. “Officers were not in pursuit of the suspect at the time of this accident.”

Schwartz said the victim in the hit and run was able to help police determine that the car that fled the scene was the same that fled from Loganville Police Department officers earlier.

“A suspect has been identified and LPD officials are in the process of securing warrants on a number of charges for the suspect,” Schwartz said.

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