White House visit could derail some of Loganville’s bicentennial plans

Plans for the new bicentennial flag to travel from Loganville to Between on Wednesday could change due to a potential trip to the White House by Loganville Mayor Rey Martinez. The plans were for him to lead a group of Loganville Christian Academy and Loganville High School cross country runners up Highway 78 carrying the new flag. However, he has now been invited to take part in the upcoming Mayors’ Day at the White House.

“I received a call Friday night from the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and was invited to be part of President Donald Trump’s meeting with 75 mayors from across the country and meet leaders with different federal agencies to discuss issues at a city level,” Martinez said.

Mayors’ Day at the White House is scheduled for Wednesday, though the event itself is in limbo pending the current federal government shutdown, according to Robbie Schwartz, public information officer for the City of Loganville. Schwartz said the event will include “President Donald Trump addressing the group of mayors followed by a working session with key members of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, National Economic Council and Small Business Administration. These sessions will work to identify key areas the administration can work better with local city leaders on issues such as infrastructure, federal partnerships and Community Development Block Grants. SBA Administrator Linda McMahon will be a key participant in the meeting.”

If the Mayors’ Day at the White House does take place on Wednesday as currently schedule, Martinez will not be able to take part in the City of Loganville’s planned events for the Walton Bicentennial Kickoff, at least not on Wednesday. Schwartz said he will still be a part of the welcoming ceremony scheduled for Tuesday, but will no longer be able to lead the runners on Wednesday. Schwartz said he believes that the runners still will be running with the flag, just without the mayor.

“Though I was very much looking forward to being part of the bicentennial celebration events in Loganville on Wednesday, I’m honored and humbled to be invited to the White House — a privilege that doesn’t happen every day,” the mayor said. “I will do my best to represent our great city in Washington and help our leaders at the federal level better understand the needs of our local people and government.”

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