Wishing well in Social Circle destroyed by driver who allegedly fell asleep

Well, it has happened again. The famous wishing well in the center of S. Cherokee Road in Social Circle has been destroyed – again by a vehicle.

Photos courtesy of the City of Social Circle Facebook page.

According to Social Circle Police Chief Jason Guest, the driver reportedly fell asleep and ran into the wishing well. The collision caused quite significant damage. Guest said the driver has been charged with failing to maintain lane, but the good news is he was not injured.

The same, however, cannot be said for the well. As the photos that were featured on the City of Social Circle Facebook page clearly indicate, the well did not fare so well and will require yet another rebuild.

This is not the first time this has happened in just the past couple of years, or the second and not even the third. Last time it was demolished was in March of 2021 when the rebuild took a while as time was spent making sure that it was better fortified before being put back up. At that time, Social Circle Mayor David Keener noted that someone had backed into it from one of the parking spaces, as had happened more than once in just the prior two weeks.

The wishing well in the center of town is a landmark and somewhat of an insignia for the City of Social Circle. When intact, the well is surrounded by decorative foliage inside a little gazebo with a plaque giving some folklore about how the city got its name. The story goes that a group of men were sitting in a circle having a drink when a stranger approached. The stranger was touched by the hospitality of the townsfolk when they invited him to join them. He is said to have remarked, “This is surely a social circle,” hence the name the city now carries.

Hopefully, early in the new year, the beloved wishing well will be back up in its place of honor in the middle of Cherokee Road, with maybe a little more fortification… again.

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