YLN Journalism Explorer Alexis Edwards – Monroe Area High School

By Alexis Edwards

Alexis Edwards, 15, Your Local News Journalism Explorer, Monroe Area High School. Contributed photo

My name is Alexis Edwards, and I’m a freshman at Monroe Area High School.

High school had always been a fear of mine. I was worried about finding my place as a young freshman in such a large environment. After my first semester, I believe I’ve found my place. My education is extremely important to me; thus, my passion towards my grades is extremely evident. My friends all think that I’m insane for caring so much, but that is just who I am. With all of the stress that comes with school, I find solace within sports and writing. My favorite pastime is watching football or basketball with my mom on the weekends. I am a Georgia Bulldogs fan through and through. I watch each and every game, no matter the outcome. In regards to professional football, I’m an avid fan of the Atlanta Falcons.  I love relaxing on a Sunday afternoon watching them play. As much as I love watching sports, however, I enjoy writing just as much.

I realized I could have a career that involved both passions: sports journalism. I’m putting forth all of my effort to achieve that dream.

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