YLN Journalism Explorer Chettney Carr – Walnut Grove High School

By Chettney Carr

Chettney Carr, 15, Your Local News Journalism Explorer Walnut Grove High School. Photo credit: Sharon Swanepoel

My name is Chettney Carr I’m a freshman from Walnut Grove High School. My interest in journalism is to write, share the community’s opinions, and personally improve on my writing skills so I can learn to become a better writer/journalist.

I have one sister who goes to college and a cat that stays home. I like to play different instruments such as violin, saxophone, currently learning how to play piano, and I want to learn trombone. I also do marching band with my saxophone. Another activity I’m involved in is Photography club. On the weekends, I like to watch Netflix , play video games and chat with my friends. I have a strong passion for music and acting. I haven’t tried out for plays at the high school yet. I will for sure try out next year. Music has been a part of my life since I was young, specifically when I was 6, which is when I started playing my first instrument – the violin. Ever since that first experience, I knew I wanted to continue playing instruments. I discovered that I wanted to be an actor when I was in the fourth grade. My sister choose me and other kids from the elementary school to be in the musical Annie and in the play The Miracle Worker. After that moment I really wanted to pursue the career of an actor. So, when I got to middle school I tried out for my first musical – Schoolhouse Rock – then I was a prop master in Alienated and finally I got a role for Charlotte’s Web.

As you can see, I like to do a variety of things – marching band, photography club, music, journalism and acting. As I said, my goals in journalism are to share the community’s thoughts, personally improve on my writing skills – and to write.

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