Your Local News Journalism Explorer: Alanna King,17, Loganville Christian Academy

Your Local News Journalism Explorer Alanna King is a junior at Loganville Christian Academy. Contributed photo

My name is Alanna King, and I’m a junior at Loganville Christian Academy. When I was young, writing was a way for me to escape into a secret world that I could create, but now it is a place for me to express my opinions on important issues.

One day I would like to use journalism as a platform for me to tell the stories of people who are underrepresented. I think that the best way that we can learn is by sharing our differences and experiences with one another. I’ve resolved to never stop expanding my mind which has lead me to collect a variety of interests- yoga, baking, travel, hiking, literature, politics, and writing. I hope that my growing writing skills lead me to be a great journalist in the future!

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