Ain’t My America

By Pete Mecca

I was at a poker game in North Georgia during November of 2008.  The mood around the table was moody, to say the least.  Obama had been elected as President of the United States.  Not one poker player at the table had voted for the man.  Yet I heard no hate speech, no racial slurs, not even a proposed ‘resistance’ to the new President.  True, shock and gloom accompanied each bet, but one time-honored factor was voiced over and over again: “He’s the President now, so let’s support him and see how he does.”

Also true, Obama’s policies and rhetoric soon lost the support of those poker playing North Georgians, yet they continued to play poker and didn’t hit the streets in protest.  Even truer, instead of burning, looting, and yes, even foul language, another time-honored factor was voiced over and over again: “Let’s hope he’s voted out in the next election.”

That’s our political process in America, the only country during WWII to hold a Presidential election.  Political power is given or taken away from an individual or political party with votes, not Third World mayhem and loathing.  History is being repeated on the streets of this great nation, a time of violent ‘resistance’ and disrespect for our laws by naive hordes of individuals seeking another excuse or cause to play the fool in front of TV cameras.

Circa Hitler’s Germany, opposition to ‘street people politics’ is met with violent behavior and the skillfully trained rhetoric of anarchy. Sadly, the controlling puppeteers behind the chaos slither in the polluted swill of The Washington Swamp and the Liberal faculties of major universities.  And the mainstream media?  Frankly, the controlling editors of Moscow based Pravda would be proud.

No, this AIN’T my America.  Sometimes I feel like a member of a fading breed, of patriots, of Christian values, of workers and producers, of the citizen-warriors willing to stand tall and proud for the Stars and Stripes and our National Anthem.

More than anything else, I’m sick and tired of people pretending to be ‘offended’ by anyone disagreeing with their perverse mindset.   News Flash, Bozo….I don’t give two hoots in hell if my rights and freedoms ‘offend’ you or your sensitive-toed scholars.  A better life is not ‘given’ nor is it ‘free’, it’s earned.  Get a job.  Nevertheless, since I don’t really want to ‘offend’ anyone seeking ‘free’ stuff and ‘government funded laziness’, may I suggest moving to Venezuela? I hear the weather is really nice at this time of year.

I hold no allegiance to any political party, I vote independently, yet the Democrats in The Swamp have proven to be a venom-filled variety of irresponsible politicians while the Republicans really can’t spit venom since they still lack the fangs of street snakes.  The archaic cliché ‘Dirty Politics’ doesn’t apply in this case; this is not dirty politics, this is an all-encompassing radical movement of historic proportions, a plan much more than a game-changer, rather, an attempt to change America into something it was never meant to be.

No, this AIN’T my America.  My America has withered into the mindless void of politicians in search of a vote, any vote, even if it destroys what is left of this great country.  We do not need politicians in The Swamp, we need Americans.

“Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.” George Washington

Pete Mecca is a Vietnam veteran, columnist and freelance writer. You can reach him at or




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