And the winner of the Independent Living Apartment Fall Decoration Challenge for 2020 is…

The votes are in and it looks like it is Highland Village is the winner – by a large margin. It was all about getting out the vote and Highland Village definitely managed that. By a clear 87 to 28 votes, Highland Village took the 2020 Fall Decoration Challenge. It looks like Walton Village is going to be serving them coffee when quarantine regulations allow it.

The challenge was an idea that Walton Village and Highland Village came up with as a unique way to enjoy the season despite the COVID-19 restrictions.

“My sister is the manager of Highland Village and a good friend is the manager at Walton Village and the two got together and decided to do this. It’s just a friendly competition – nobody is going to get upset about it if they don’t win,” Marvin Gray of Monroe said when pitching the competition, going on to suggest that maybe the losing team would provide a cup of coffee for the winners. “It is just a way to end the year on a high note. I just hope that people will take and look at this and have a smile. I mean look at what we’re looking at at this time. We need something.”

Well people definitely got in on the challenge with more than 100 people casting their vote on Monroe Local News Facebook page.

Congratulations to the B Team – it turns out you were actually the winning team – this year. You may want to get your creative juices flowing for next year. I’m sure the A Team has you in their sights.

I hope it is not too long before you are able to get together to enjoy that cup of coffee and I hope you are able to end this very unusual year on a high note!


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