I can’t remember the last time I was bored.  Bored seems like such a luxury.  It means that there is nothing to clean, your books-to-read pile is done, all your yard work is complete, there are no shows on Netflix to catch up on, you are too sore for a workout, and all the thoughts in your head are all sorted and organized. 

This is a different concept, of course, from not wanting to do those things.  I completely get staring at a pile of laundry and preferring the thought of elective surgery to dealing with it. I just think that once you are over the age of, say, 13 or so, and you are relatively autonomous, being bored is the hallmark of a lack of imagination.

Even with the limitations of a pandemic, where we are confined to the limits of our backyards, there is so much to do.  Granted, I am a homebody, and the thought of being confined to my home seems like a luxury, but even so. 

If you are a couch sitter, there are so many movie marathons.  There are books to read.  There are books to write.  With YouTube, you can take classes and learn almost anything for free – FREE! – my favorite four letter f-word![1] Do you want to learn Italian so that one day, when your passport will work again you can take a food tour of Italy and speak the native language?  Go ahead!  Do you want to learn to paint?  Do it!  Draw your favorite anime characters?  You go girl!  All those things you never had time to do, now you have time to do them.

But, you say, I hate sitting still.  I’m an active kind of gal.  Fine then.  Learn to tap dance.  Build that fire pit in your backyard.  Plant an English garden.  Plant a vegetable garden.  Learn how to weld so you can make a dinosaur out of old rusty shovels and rakes.  Install a basketball hoop in your driveway or get one of those rolly temporary ones and perfect your free throw.  Get a golf club and a wiffle ball from a thrift store and perfect your drive or a putter and a real ball and perfect your putt. 

If you’re a competitive person, compete against yourself.  Start day one with one crunch.  Add one a day.  At the end of the year, you’ll be doing 365 and you’ll have hella abs. 

Learn to bake the perfect cupcake.  Then bring it to my house so I can eat it and tell you if you got it right. 

I could go on for pages.  The point is this: there are options.  Whatever your interest is, there is something to satisfy you.  This is the age of the internet; you have access to absolutely everything.  You can watch and learn from the comfort of your couch and Jeff Bezos and his drones can deliver whatever you need to your door within 48 hours if you can’t support a local business. 

Bored.  Ha!  I’m bored just listening to you complain.

[1] Okay, second favorite four letter f-word.  I like food best.

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