Canada geese couple return to Loganville City Hall to raise a new family

Every year for many years, a mated pair of Canada geese has returned to Loganville City Hall to hatch and raise a new generation of goslings – and this is their time.

A pair of Canada Geese return annually to Loganville City Hall to raise a new generation. This year’s generation hatched the week of April 10, 2024. Photo by Brett Fowler

Ricky and Lucy, as they have affectionately been named, have chosen Loganville City Hall as the place for this annual family event and probably appreciate the help they receive each year from city employees to accommodate them.

Once they arrive, the employees erect a protective barrier that allows Lucy to nest the growing embryos without any fear of curious onlookers getting too close. Just to make sure, however, Ricky parades up and down keeping any potential predators away while Lucy is nesting – and when his new family has hatched and is learning the ropes, both he and Lucy continue their protective parenting. Anybody who gets too close gets a dose of Ricky’s protective wrath – just ask Loganville public information officer Brett Fowler who got a little too close trying to get the shot below of the young family.

According to City officials, the pair usually arrive in March each year and leave In May and this year they appear to be following the traditional pattern. Visitors to City Hall again get to bear witness to Ricky and Lucy’s love story as the pair raise yet another generation of Canada geese.

People stopping by to view the family are asked to do so from afar. Geese parents are known to be very protective of their young so keeping back 25 – 30 ft at a minimum is probably safest for all concerned.

Click or tap on this link to see the 2021 family story

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