COVID-19 – Public Notice from Walton County Planning and Development Department

press release from Walton County Government

In light of concerns over COVID-19, the Planning and Development Department requests that visits to the office be limited as much as possible over the next two (2) weeks. During this time, we will make the purchasing of building permits and business licenses available electronically. We will make sure that all phone calls for questions regarding issues with building, rezoning, or development be answered and addressed in a timely matter.

Building Section

Building Permit documents can be emailed to the permit technician and fees paid by credit card over the phone. The permit can be emailed to the purchaser for signatures. The permit card can be emailed to the purchaser and the building inspector can leave the original permit on-site when doing an inspection.

Building Inspection requests are handled by phone. All necessary paperwork can be emailed, all re-inspection fees can be paid via credit card by phone.

Building Inspectors can conduct inspections on new houses. There may be builders on site. There may be some concern about inspecting remodels or additions as owners would be on site.

Plan Review for commercial buildings-any new plans would need to be mailed; application and fees can be handled electronically.

Business License

All business licenses can be done through email. The forms would have to be emailed to the Tax Commissioners office first and then emailed to our department. Fees can be paid with a credit card by phone.


Civil plans would have to be mailed to the department. Application and fees can be handled electronically.

Development Inspections can be performed in the field. Correspondence with developers can be handled by phone or email.

Plat review can be handled electronically.

Code Enforcement

Most Code Enforcement Inspections can be performed in the field. Correspondence can be handled by phone, mail or email.


Any new beer/wine application requires background/fingerprinting. Applications require picture ID identification of the person. Any change of ownership in a place of business with a current license is covered for 30 days.

Zoning Questions

All zoning questions or planned meetings can be handled by phone or email.

**Some documents that require ID verification would have to be notarized**

We can be reached at 770-267-1485 or you can email your questions and concerns to any of the following:

For permit and inspection concerns:

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