Let’s talk about the “S” word…..


My stumbling and crazy journey through weight loss, work, love and life

I bet y’all were thinking I was going to blog about sex, am I right? You dirty minded rascals! I like you. No the “s” word I’m talking about today is size. Clothing sizes, you sickos! I decided that as a reward and a way to get through the summer with my shrinking body I would get some sundresses. Breezy cute and a maybe a little bit sexy sundresses. So while stalking folks on Facebook I found an ad for some super cheap ones. My first thought was HELL YES!  These are the cutest dresses and the price…can you say blue light special!? I recognize that I should have been alarmed at the price of $3.99 per dress. Yeah, sometimes my small town shows. I went for it. I thought, well let’s see I wear an XL now. That’s a far cry from the 3xl I wore during football season last year. I won’t call it a tent or put myself down about ever needing a shirt that size. Don’t you worry. If the worst thing anyone can ever say about me is that at one point I wore a 3xl then I’m doing ok. I’m aware that I’m sure worse has been said, but I could give a rats ass about what anyone says bout me. That stems from the dog treat incident of 1985.  A delightful little story for another day.

Moving on. I decided that if I go ahead and order an xl it should get me through the summer even if I lose another 20lbs. So I do it. I order 3 $3.99 dresses. That’s right, in my pumpkin head I’m thinking that the world is full of suckers that don’t know where to find the deals. I am magical!! I’ve found the cutest and cheapest clothes ever. Full price paying shoppers don’t have the smarts I have. So I place the order and wait…….

and wait……..

and wait………OH!! DHL Tracking number!

To read the rest of the story on Mindy’s Blog as she embarks on a journey that will help her reach her weight loss goals and beyond, click on this link. (Editor’s Note: I promise, the rest of it is as entertaining as the first few paragraphs.)

Mindy is a Walton County resident who is chronicling this journey in the hopes that it will help her as well as others who may be facing the same struggle.

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