MAHS 2020 graduation was different, yet still much the same

The Monroe Area High school graduating Class of 2020 got to have a graduation ceremony that was very different from previous years in some ways, yet very much the same in others. At 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 18, the graduates’ family members began showing up and taking seats, grouped together in families but separated by that 6 ft social distance necessary to avoid the transmission of COVID-19. Some were wearing masks, but most were not. The chairs were already placed on the field, also honoring the 6 ft. social distance.

At 8 p.m., to the traditional sound of Pomp and Circumstances, faculty and students took to the field, again a few wearing masks but many more not.

After that, the ceremony was much the same as graduating classes from previous years. MAHS valedictorian Marisa Wilkins and salutatorian Katlyn Phelps gave inspiring speaches and one by one excited students got to be presented with their high school diplomas.

The 255 MAHS Class of 2020 students may not have had the traditional last couple of months of their senior year, but in the end they got to experience a graduation that was not that different from all the graduating classes that had come before them.

Click or tap on the Youtube video below for a slide show of photos from the MAHS Class of 2020 Graduation.

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