Monroe City Council votes to put retail package sales of distilled spirits on the ballot in November

Voters in the City of Monroe will get to weigh in on whether or not retail package sales of distilled spirits will be allowed in the city limits of Monroe.

The Monroe City Council voted unanimously at the March City Council meeting to allow for a question to be on the ballot on Nov. 5, 2024 for voters to consider. The question on the ballot will be, “Shall the issuance of licenses for the package sale of distilled spirits be approved?”

Attempts to get it on the ballot in 2023 died when in 2022 a vote in the City Council failed because nobody at the December 2022 City Council would propose bringing it up for a vote. An attempt by the City of Social Circle, however, was successful with the ballot initiative being approved by voters at the end of last year.

Monroe Mayor John Howard said he believed that council members wanted to wait for a general election year when there would be a larger electorate weighing in on the issue.

A petition drive to get the issue on the ballot began in early 2020 but was shut down by the Covid-19 pandemic. Under Georgia law at that time, in order to call for a referendum election to authorize the issuance of licenses for the package sale of distilled spirits, a petition had to be presented to the relevant municipality with at least 35 % of the registered and qualified voters. For the City of Monroe, that would have required at least 3,000 signatures.

However, following the pandemic, the Georgia law changed and it now just requires a vote of the relevant municipality to enable the ballot initiative.

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