Monroe PD Reports: Theft charge after suspect asks for $150 to return alleged stolen phone

The following are the incidents reported by the Monroe Police Department between Feb.23 – March 2, 2017. Due to the length, this report has been split into four parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Domestic problem, Lakeview Dr.  Ex-husband did not pay child support and left with children unsecured in the vehicle.  Advised of remedies.
  • Dispute, Walker Dr.  Family was disputing.  All subjects were gone when officers arrived.  All ok.
  • Dispute, Chevron on S. Broad St., female subject disputing with staff.  Subject was refunded money and sent on her way.
  • Animal complaint, Highway 138, Chick-Fil-A. Two dogs in the roadway. K9’s in custody and taken to Animal Control. Animal Control responded from Athens and took k9’s.
  • Threats, South Broad St., Farm Basement Antiques. Comp advised named male subject harassing her. Subject not on location, all ok.
  • Suspicious person, East Spring St., Mr. Quicks, male subject harassing customers, sent on his way, all ok.
  • Suspicious vehicle, in the area of Highway 11 and Charlotte Rowell. Silver Tacoma with pink bike in bed of truck FTML. Truck followed, no violations observed.
  • Theft report, Great Oaks Dr., Comp advised co-worker took her phone and requested $150 cash to turn it back over. Suspect, located sleeping in the woods behind the restaurant and intoxicated, arrested for theft by taking.
  • Domestic problem, 3rd. St., complainant advised her boyfriend threatened to kill her and was on foot near Jeff Coats barber. Negative on threats, Boyfriend was having high blood sugar was given escort to Clearview Regional Medical Center for evaluation.
  • Dispute, West Spring St., Clearview Regional Medical Center, patient causing disturbance.
  • Welfare check, North Broad St., Waffle House. 7-year-old left in car while mother got food. All OK with child.
  • Dispute, Old Mill Point.  Male on location refusing to leave.  While officers were en-route the male left the residence.  Female verbally disputing with male.
  • Juvenile Complaint, Lakeview Dr., mother and her daughter were arguing again.  Situation mediated.  All ok.
  • Domestic problem, E. Washington St., mother advised her foster son jumped out of the vehicle while she was driving down High School Ave. and then ran down the street.  Foster son was back in the vehicle upon arrival.  Subject has medical issues.  Situation mediated.  All ok.
  • Dispute, Felker Park, complainant and male subject were disputing over K9’s.  Complainants K9 was not on a leash and ran into the road harassing other K9’s.  Situation mediated.  All ok.
  • Dispute, Chevron on S. Broad St., male subject disputing with another subject.  Both parties were gone when officers arrived.
  • Juveniles on dirt bikes and go carts in the road way in the area Maple St.  Made contact and was advised to stay off the roadway.  All ok.
  • Suspicious person, McDaniel St., Dwayne Jackson was found inside the residence and forced entry had been made.  Jackson was arrested for Burglary due to items being concealed in personal affects.
  • Domestic problem, GW Carver, male subject entered ex-girlfriend’s apartment while she was asleep.  Male subject has bond conditions to have no contact with girlfriend.  Warrant to be taken on male subject.
  • Dispute, Landers St., two females in verbal argument over house cleaning. No criminal acts committed. One female given escort to Chestnut, all ok.
  • Request to come in person to Georgia Ave., DFACS Office, and complainant questions about DFACS office over case with son.
  • Dispute, Atha St., couple arguing over property as their lease is up Tuesday. Situation mediated, parties separated, all ok.
  • Agency assist, Wheel House Ln. WCSO request to see if juvenile was on location. Made contact with homeowner who allowed us to search residence, Juvenile not on location. Homeowner advised she dropped juvenile off at an unknown address off Tanners Bridge.
  • Assault report, West Spring St., Clearview Medical Center, ER Room, female patient informed staff she was assaulted by a male in Tanglewood. On Officer arrival she refused to provide information. Patient has two 29’s, one from Walton and from Barrow. Hospital advised they will notify prior to discharge.
  • Domestic problem, South Broad St., Southside MHP. Couple arguing because female upset over younger man getting promoted over her at work. Male left for the night, all ok.
  • Suspicious person in the area of Atha St. Couple intoxicated given escort to Mobley Cir, all ok.
  • Return call to West Spring St., Clearview Medical. Ms. Crutchfield discharged, ready for transport to jail. Crutchfield arrested and transported to WCSO.
  • Stopping suspicious vehicle/arrest, S. Broad at 5th St., David Hancock arrested for suspended license and vehicle registration.

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