Ode to Flannel Sheets

Ode to Flannel Sheets

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty,”

And beauty occureth not without a good night’s sleep.

Therefore without sleep, there is no truth,

Only a jumble of undercaffeinated syllables.


Percale will do, maybe even soothe on hot summer nights.

But in the winter?  The flannel sheets grab you,

Hold fast to your pajamas and don’t let you go.

The warmth is liquid and holds you


The watery peace of sleep.


That dream?

The one where he holds you and makes every inch of you warm –

— except the inches that are hot —

That dream lingers longer in flannel sheets.


Of course, you say, Hell is hot, too.

The devil cloaked in flannel holds you down,

Keeping you from making lunch for the kids

Ushering them on to the bus

Being on time for work

Shaving your legs all the way to your knees


Maybe.  Maybe so.  But I’ll take my chances.

If that’s the case, I’ll bring marshmallows to toast

Over a fire of comfortable brimstone.


If you enjoyed this and want to read more like it, visit Lori at her website, www.loriduffwrites.com , on Twitter, or on Facebook. Lori is a National Society of Newspaper Columnists 2018 Columnist winner, and a New Apple, Readers’ Favorite, and eLit award winner for her latest release, “You Know I Love You Because You’re Still Alive.”  She is also the author of the bestselling books “Mismatched Shoes and Upside Down Pizza,” and “The Armadillo, the Pickaxe, and the Laundry Basket.

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