Sad Update: Monroe mother and grandmother in desperate need of a kidney passes away

Update: Sept. 15, 2021

Sadly, Angie Lambert did not survive. She passed away on Sept. 11, 2021. Her funeral was today, Sept. 15, 2021.

Initial story

Angie Lambert, of Monroe, has a reputation of always being there for everybody else. She has even adopted her three young grandchildren to prevent them from going into the foster care system. But now she is in need of help herself – lifesaving help. Without a kidney, the outcome for Angie is dire – and time is of the essence. Her family has set up a Facebook page for her for anybody who is willing to be tested to see if they could be a match.

Angie Lambert – Contributed photo

“Everyone that is healthy I need you to be tested for Angie. She needs this kidney Now!!! Please take time out of your day to be tested. She is a mom and these sweet angels need her. We are family and friends who say we love her –  then be tested,” her family wrote on the Facebook page.

Anyone who could be tested has been, but so far there is not a match. According to family, Angie and her husband are great parents to the three young children who are now permanently in their care. Her husband, Sean Lambert, is a disabled veteran, “and these three little people need their mom,” family wrote in an appeal for people to be tested.

There also is a Paired Exchange Program through Emory where even if you don’t match, you can donate to someone else in her name and it opens her up to the same opportunities. Angie has been in need of a kidney for 22 years and has been on the donor list for the last seven years. Financial assistance will be given to the donor. She is A positive and O positive can be used also.

Anyone willing to be tested to possibly be a donor can call this 404-712-4705 for more info on how to become a donor. Click or tap on this link for information about Angie Lambert and her need for a lifesaving kidney donation.

Angie Lambert’s three young adopted children. Contributed photo
Sean Lambert, contributed photo.




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