Third Republican enters race for Sheriff of Walton County

The Republican field for Walton County Ga. Sheriff is expanding yet again. A third Republican candidate has thrown his hat into the ring to seek the position of Sheriff of Walton County.

Monroe City Marshal Jon Spear has announced his intention to seek the office. The field began filling up once incumbent Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman made it known he would not be seeking a sixth term.

Spear joins fellow Republicans current Walton County Chief Deputy Keith Brooks and Douglas Schad, administration service manager for the City of Lawrenceville Police Department, who both announced their candidacy in June.

Jon Spear

“After more than several months of thought and discussion, I have decided to announce my election campaign for Walton County Sheriff. You all know me well enough and understand that I don’t sit idly by when I believe there is a difference that can be made,” Spear announced on social media when making the announcement.

Spear began his career in law enforcement in 1985 as a patrol officer with the City of Atlanta Police Department before moving to the Gwinnett County Police Department. In 2021, he retired from the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office as an assistant chief deputy. He currently serves as city marshal for the City of Monroe.

“My wife Tina and I moved to Walton County in 2018 to build our home and continue our lives. We have found a community of friendship that is becoming a rare commodity in today’s world,” Spear said. “Throughout my years of service I have experienced the best that the law enforcement community can provide and have been involved in some of the worst experiences that an officer can be involved with. Being shot in 1993 during an armed encounter, and a second time while rescuing a downed officer who had been injured during a SWAT Stand-off.”

Spear said that over his three and a half decades of service in law enforcement, his experiences have afforded him some unique opportunities while working as a patrol officer, answering day-to-day calls for service, as well as an administrator, making and reviewing policy and procedures.

“These diverse work roles allowed me to see the entire structure of a law enforcement agency. Having this type of knowledge you gain a distinctive understanding that cooperation between and among the law enforcement community is a necessity in the service to our public,” he said. “It is my intent to bring my years of experience and knowledge to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, to guide and assist the agency with the inevitable dynamic growth that is coming in the next few years.”

Information about Spear and his campaign can be found on his election campaign website at

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