Update: Officials say fire at landfill is now under control

They are breaking down their command post

Fire at Holder’s Inert Landfill from morning of 7/29/21. Photo credit: Walton County Fire Rescue


Officials with Walton County Fire Rescue announce that after meeting this morning with Ga Forestry, and Ga EPD the fire that has been burning at the Holder Landfill on Adamson Drive off Vine Street for the better part of a week is now under control.

“It will continue to smolder,” WCFR Asst. Chief Craig League said. “Ga EPD is working with the property owner on a permanent mitigation plan for covering the pile with dirt. The danger of the fire escaping the landfill is minimal. WCFR will continue to monitor the fire, but we will no longer have a presence on scene.”

League said WCFR is breaking down the command post that had been set up.

Updated photo of Landfill fire from Walton County Fire Rescue

Initial Story

Walton County Fire Rescue had responded to a fire at Holder’s Inert Landfill on Adamson Drive off Vine Street late Tuesday evening and report that the fire is continuing to burn. The landfill takes trees, stumps, limbs and such and WCFR Assist. Fire Chief Craig League reported that the was believed to have been started by lightning from Monday night’s storm. League reported by noon on Wednesday, that the fire is continuing to burn and has actually worsened.

“This fire is contained to the landfill but is burning logs, limbs and root balls of trees dumped in the landfill. The company has brought in extra heavy equipment to move dirt in an attempt to keep the fire contained. The fire is going to continue to burn, probably over the next several days to weeks,” League said. “We are seeing a large volume of smoke blowing Northeast towards a large portion of Monroe.”

However, League said at the moment the wind is blowing south.

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